Canada, being the second largest country of the world by area is one of the top choices for international population in terms of settlement, business and recreation. Nepal, being no different to the rest of the world has certain obsession for Canada as well. For some years now, the number of students who have applied to Canada has certainly raised.

Canada also offers different kinds of visa services to international community. If anyone from Nepal is looking to apply for Canada for visit visa, he/she needs to follow certain protocols as set by Canada and Nepal as well. There are certain procedures involved for applying to Canada and it is understandable that people may not have idea regarding the whole procedure.

If you are intending to visit to Canada to your friend or family, you will need letter of invitation, sponsor, bank statement and more. Since, Canada requires authentic documentations, you will need to provide relationship certificates, income and bank statements and more. Along with these documents, family information, birth, marriage or other important certificates, photos and other important information needs to be passed on.

Aatilo has been providing services to Nepalese community for different visas to Canada. We have assisted people living in Canada to bring in their relatives to Canada for short visit as well. We provide expert assistance in documentation and application as well. We try to make sure that you are provided with the visa with our assistance. From fill –ups to interviews, we assist you in them all. We also provide important financial and business advices if you are looking to expand your business in Canada. Like we always say, we will assist you in your daring venture. Do remember us if you are looking for hassle free visa application to Canada.  

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